Should You Upgrade To The New iPad3?


The new iPad 3 is out! But many may wonder if the new iPad is an actual innovation in comparison with its predecessor.  So, in order to resolve this dilemma we will present to you an Apple iPad3 review in comparison with the Apple iPad2.


  The Design

In terms of design the iPad3 is quite similar to the Apple iPad 2, with a significant modification. Many might not believe this but the Apple iPad3 is in fact thicker by 6 mm and heavier by 50g in comparison with the iPad2.

This aspect might inconvenience those who use the iPad for reading for prolonged periods of time. But, on the other hand, the increase in weight and thickness gives an improved overall grip on the tablet.


So, if we were to be given a proper Apple iPad 3 review in comparison with the Apple iPad 2 in terms of design we would say that it is a tie.


  The Screen

The new Apple iPad3 comes with the new Apple Retina Display. The 9.7 inch screen has a remarkable 2048×1536 screen with a 264ppi resolution, which is one of the highest resolutions currently on the market.  If we were to compare the iPad3 with the iPad2 the difference in terms of image quality the outcome is quite obvious. The new iPad offers increased sharpness, higher color saturation, improved contrast with decreased glaring.


So, what is the verdict for the Apple iPad 3 review in comparison with the Apple iPad 2 in terms of display? Well, clearly the Apple iPad3 is the winner.


  The Features

Let’s review the features for the Apple iPad 3 and iPad 2.


  The Apple iPad 3 comes with:

- Dualcore chip A5X with quadcore GPU

- Improved display which also extends towards HD video of 1080p

- Slightly improved rear-facing iSight camera with f/2.4 aperture

- Voice dictation support


  The Apple iPad 2 comes with:

- Dualcore 1 GHz Apple A5 processor

- Video calling with the front-facing camera

- 720p video capabilities


So, the verdict for the Apple iPad 3 review in comparison with the Apple iPad 2 is favorable for the iPad3, as it offers increased performance capabilities in terms of application response as well as graphical response.


  The Battery

Considering the numerous technological improvements that the iPad 3 has, one would expect that the battery would have to suffer. Unfortunately it did, but not by much. Apple has declared that the iPad 3 has overall the same battery life as its predecessor.

It offers about 10 hours of battery life with Wi-Fi surfing and video/music playback and 9 hours on mobile network. But in actual usage the battery life tends to be lower in comparison with the iPad2.

The actual problem with the iPad3 in terms of battery is its prolonged charging period of 6 hours by using the charger and 12 hours from the USB port.

So, the battery life verdict for the Apple iPad 3 review in comparison with the Apple iPad 2 is favorable for the Apple iPad2.

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